canadian education system

 Attractive Education in the Poles Imagine a country with 10 states and 3 regions, where different national and cultural communities live, which stands out both with its living standards and education. It is famous for its cold weather, which is very close to the poles, and even the northern lights can be watched. Did you recognize it? Yes, yes, I'm talking about Canada. What do you think; What does Canada, which many people dream of, do differently in education? So, let's examine Canada's features that make a difference in education. Education History Canada's educational adventure started with the Constitution Act of 1867, leaving all the powers related to education to the provinces and becoming autonomous in education. State and territory parliaments have developed their own education systems and institutions. As a result, 13 education systems have emerged that are similar to each other in many respects, but also have various differences. If you say how can there be